Why do I get an error saying "License Key already used" when I try to activate DLL-files Fixer?


This error occurs when you have already used your license key in the past.

All Premium Version licenses to use the DLL-files Fixer are to be considered personal, for one person and computer. However, since you might need to upgrade hardware or replace your computer before the license expires, we allow for additional installations, as follows:

1 Year license: 3 unique installations.
2 Year & 3 Year licenses: 5 unique installations.

Every time you use the license to the DLL-files Fixer on a new computer it will count as a single usage.

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    Bobby Thompson

    Please help me I want to use the DLL file fixer, I got the other program to work that come in this package deal I purchased when I bought this DLL file Fixer. My name is Bobby Thompson and my email address is bobby1963@bellsouth.net please issue me another key this ordeal has been a nightmare trying to get the key to work. please help. I have sent several emails to your company and no help, All I need is a unissued key that no one is using.

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    Hello Bobby,

    The DLL-Files Fixer was discontinued 18 months ago.
    You do not have any valid Fixer license, and will not be able to purchase one.

    You have purchased a license to use the program DLL-Files.com CLIENT.
    Install the correct program to use license.

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    I have the same computer and still I can`t use my license, WHY ?

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    Hello Ligthartkees,

    I can not find any licenses registered to your email address.

    Contact support at https://www.dll-files.com/support/ .
    Provide purchase reference number, email address used, or license key to identify your license.

    Best regards