I cant get the Fixer to work! I don't know what is wrong..


The DLL-Files Fixer is designed to work all all types of computers running any form of Windows from Windows XP SP3 and later (including Win8.1). As with any software, however, certain issues can appear on various systems. Troubleshooting is the key!

If you don't know what is wrong, and you don't get a clear error message, here are a couple of things you can try quickly on your own: 

Scenario: The Fixer installs well, but when running it, the Fixer doesn't display correctly. I get blank screens with no content!

The most likely issue is that internet connection settings are interfering. The Fixer is based on Microsoft technology and uses some IE resources. Solve this by resetting internet explorer settings

Scenario: The Fixer installs ok, but when I try to register my key, or want to download a .dll file, I get an error telling me to check my internet connection.

The Fixer relies on your internet connection to retrieve information on the file you are searching for from our information database. Sometimes this connection is aborted even though you have an active internet connection. Typically, this is due to an anti-virus or firewall software blocking the connection. Make sure no restrictions is put on the Fixer in your security software (sometimes you have to set a rule exception to always allow connection for the Fixer). Alternatively, resetting internet explorer settings may also work (see above)

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    كلام العين


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    I cannot register driver scanner

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    Daniel Larson

    Hello Pdavis2345,

    I believe Driver Scanner is a product marketed by a company called Uniblue. If you have trouble registering this software I suggest you try to get in touch with their support as they will likely be able to give the best and swiftest support on their own software. I believe you can find this at (link redacted) uniblue.com/ support/ driverscanner/

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    Bryan Brown

    how do u get them-cleverridge is only one with phone number

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    Daniel Larson

    Hi Bryan,

    You can get in touch with us in several ways, easiest one is probably email, support (at) dll-files.com, or from the website, hit the "support" button on the left hand side. Alternatively, if you're already here reading this on our Help Center, use the "submit a ticket" in the top menu of this page.
    You can get us on twitter @dll_files or facebook /dllfiles
    Last, see our about page for a snail-mail address if you like :)

    Daniel Larson, dll-files.com